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CHANDLER – 3 Months Old

Yesterday after Church, Chandler was being my little model. It is amazing how his plaid collared shirt makes him look so much older than I want him to be! He is just about three months old and has turned my world upside down. Going from working 45-50 hours a week to a stay at home mom is a bit of a lifestyle shock but I am so happy I get the opportunity to stay home with him. I love cuddling, seeing his smile, knowing I can comfort him, and watching him discover life every day.

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Superhero Vinyl

I must say my husband is pretty crafty. We bought a Silhouette Portrait last year and Eric has done a lot with it (possibly more than me). This week he helped our friend make some personalized vinyl for her son’s bedroom as a surprise.

We also did this with Chandler’s nursery before he was born. I will post that later.
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Working on the Wedding Album

Everyone has so many pictures on their computer, including myself. I thought about getting one of those picture frames that change pictures. I thought about printing them and putting them in an album or scrapbook. Then I decided the best choice for me was to create a book on I have been taking so many pictures of Chandler and I would like to do something with them, but before I start doing that I am making a mixbook with my wedding photos. Eric and I were married for 2 years on the 19th. Whenever I think back to our wedding, I can honestly say it was an amazing day! I married the love of my life. I love love love our wedding photos and can not wait to finish the hardcover book. Check out mixbooks!

Do you have a website or software that you use with your pictures? Share it with me. ­čÖé


Lunch Time Happiness

Eric came home for lunch today and Chandler was so happy. It truly makes my heart happy to see how much love Eric has for his son, Chandler. I can not believe Chandler is almost 3 months old! Where has the time gone?

So Glad When Daddy Comes Home

So Glad When Daddy Comes Home