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Nightly Reading with Chandler

Since the first of January, I have been reading the Book of Mormon. On Instagram (and other social sites) there is the “BofM365” postings. These daily postings include reading assignments that will enable you to read the entire Book of Mormon in a year. Every evening when I lay down with Chandler to feed him before bedtime I turn on the assigned reading on my phone. It is an easy habit I am developing and the daily readings aren’t too long so it is manageable. Hopefully this is a habit we can keep up for years to come.


Fevers Are No Fun

I woke up in the middle of the night to my baby moaning and it is definitely different than waking up to him trying to find something to eat. It was scary and broke my heart. Later that day my older brother, Cory and I were talking and I told him that I knew Chandler would be ok, but it is hard to see him that way and not be able to help him. He replied with, “Even when they are older you will still feel that way.” The love I have for Chandler continues to amaze me and I am sure it will continue to grow as he grows.

Eric, Chandler, and I were staying with my parents for the weekend. We were planning on going to church Sunday with the family. Harlo and Chandler were both going to be blessed at church. In the middle of the night Chandler woke me up and he was so warm and just moaned. I stayed up all night with him, it was hard. I was sad, tired, and frustrated that I couldn’t comfort him and take away his pain. I can not imagine how it must feel to experience a fever for the first time. Eric went up to my sister, Rachel’s house around 5:30 am and got a thermometer. Once the fever was confirmed, Eric and I decided to stay at my parents house with Chandler while the rest of the family went to church.

Chandler with his oldest cousin!

Chandler with his oldest cousin!

We stayed over for lunch then left for the three hour ride back home. I was worried it would be a horrible trip. But Chandler thankfully slept most of the time. (I even got to enjoy another Red Licorice Eegee. Seriously, that flavor is amazing! Hopefully it will come out again next year!)



Monday, Eric went to work and thought he was coming down with whatever Chandler had. I spend the day holding Chandler and cuddling him. I remember him giving me a little smile and it making my day. Tuesday, Eric and Chandler where both home sick. Eric with a fever, Chandler with a cough and trying to recuperate.

The only good thing that comes from sickness is cuddles <3

The only good thing that comes from sickness is cuddles ❤

Wednesday is here and they both seem to be a little bit better than yesterday. The night was rough for Chandler with his cough. As I was half asleep holding him upright so he could breathe a little better he grabbed my finger tightly. It is worth it!

This afternoon my boys are sleeping and I am grateful for them in my life. I love them so much. (Yes Eric, I love you!!)  I hate seeing them sick and I pray that this sickness leaves our house as soon as possible.

Sickness Sucks!