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1st Reason I Love Being Married2aGeek

Is there a better way to kick start June’s theme than looking at old Tweets? I think not!

Reason #1 I absolutely LOVE being Married2aGeek РAt Least Half of My Twitter Feed is Devoted to the odd things that I have encountered because I chose to marry a Geek. It is quite entertaining (to me anyway) and helps lighten the mood.

Disclaimer: the 30 reasons you will see this month are not in any specified order ūüôā

Over Two Years Ago I tweeted: 


30 Reasons….

Well I already have a personal journal I write in about life, I probably overgram  on Instagram (cmattison), I have a Facebook and a Twitter (@1Girl1Geek) account, and I have things I obsess over on Pinterest.

So what in the heck am I doing with a website? I think I have finally decided. Every month¬†I will explore a topic and¬† share things I love about said topic. It only seems fitting that the first topic for June will be “30 Things I love about being Married to a Geek.”

Oh… this will be entertaining. Hurry up June 1st!!!

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Chandler’s Bedroom

When I was pregnant with Chandler, I told Eric he could choose theme and I could choose the color of his room.

We learned a few things throughout the process. For example – when painting a colored strip paint over the pain¬†tape with the lighter color before… Oh well it still turned out.

We also decided to buy a Silhouette Portrait and Eric created and cut out characters from an old game called Mario VS Donkey Kong.

I think Chandler’s room is adorable mostly because it is something Eric was excited to do for Chandler before he was born.

PS These pictures aren’t that great… but you get the idea.


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