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18th Reason I LOVE Being Married2aGeek – Disneyland - When Eric and I went to Disneyland on 3/1/2014 and it was quite the trip. First of all, it was a last minute decision. A couple weeks prior we decided to just go, we wanted a vacation. It was before many schools would be on Spring Break, and they had a decent deal going on […]
17th Reason I LOVE Being Married2aGeek – Microsoft Band - Today my Geek came home from work and asked me to put away his lunchbox while he was playing with the baby. I went to the kitchen and was going to take out the Tupperware and I found a Microsoft Band waiting inside just for me! ❤ Let me tell you, the packaging for this […]
16th Reason I LOVE Being Married2aGeek - I’m so glad when daddy comes home, Glad as I can be; Clap my hands and shout for joy, Then climb upon his knee, Put my arms around his neck, Hug him tight like this, Pat his cheeks, then give him what? A great big kiss. – (Children’s Songbook) If our son, Chandler could talk […]
15th Reason I LOVE Being Married2aGeek - When my Geek went to Build this year all of the attendees received a HP Spectre x360. Once he got home from the conference he installed Windows 10 Preview on the new laptop. Lately, I have been using the laptop and I have really come to like this laptop and Windows 10 (although it does […]
14th Reason I LOVE Being Married2aGeek - Christmas morning we were at his parents. I had one present from my geek under the tree and I waited patiently to open it. I actually didn’t spoil the fun by snooping so I had no idea what he got me. Once I finally got the gift I was so curious. I took off the […]
13th Reason I LOVE Being Married2aGeek - Last Friday Eric and I went out. It was just the two of us and I was so happy to be out with my hubby. We put our son to sleep, left him in the care of my sister, and snuck out of the house. Movie Theatre Time!!! Going to the movies is our thing… Ok […]
11th and 12th Reason I LOVE Being Married2aGeek - With my weekend over I need to catch up on my 30 reasons so let us get right to it! Reason #11 that I absolutely LOVE being married2ageek –  Not only do I now recognize software/technical jargon but I actually understand it a bit and can follow a conversation about it. Heck, I even knew what E3 […]
10th Reason I LOVE Being Married2aGeek - This is a throwback to a post I wrote a bit ago. I must say my geeky husband is pretty crafty. We bought a Silhouette Portrait last year and Eric has created two ADORABLE personalized bedrooms. He has also helped me figure out the computer program for the Silhouette and this is reason #10 I LOVE being Married2aGeek. My Geek is always ready […]
9th Reason I LOVE Being Married2aGeek - At some point in every girl’s life she wants to be offered a sweater from her crush. She wants to wear her boyfriends away varsity football jersey at the home football game. Later in life,  she is married to you and she wants to wear your shirts to bed or when lounging around the house. This is the way it is. […]
8th Reason I LOVE Being Married2aGeek - Ugh! I think it is great that I motivated you. I think it is great that you have written down your goal. I think it is great that you managed to make your website more appeasing to the eye and way cooler than mine in one evening…. NOT! Ok ok the 8th Reason I absolutely LOVE being […]
7th Reason I LOVE Being Married2aGeek - So today is National Best Friend Day and obviously this is one of the many reasons I absolutely love being married2ageek. He is my geek, my best friend, and my husband. This post might not be about his geeky personality, hobbies, or interests but I think it is one of the my favorite things about my geek. […]
6th Reason I LOVE Being Married2aGeek - Sunday I spent 2+ hours playing monopoly on the xbox one with my husband. I lost. I really really hate to say that because I am actually rather competitive thanks to growing up with 4 siblings. To make matters worse I am ranked #3 (last) in our house right due to previous games between my sister […]
5th Reason I LOVE Being Married2aGeek - “Build is an annual conference event held by Microsoft, aimed towards software and web developers using Windows, Windows Phone, Microsoft Azure and other Microsoft technologies.” This leads me to the 5th Reason I Absolutely LOVE Being Married2aGeek – I got to go to San Francisco for the first time, visit Eric’s sister, walk across the golden […]
4th Reason I LOVE Being Married2aGeek - It is true. I am kind of funny. I am sure you are too. But the fact that I had the opportunity to be this witty is simply because I am married to a geeky software engineer. This conversation really did happen (I can not make this stuff up!): Me: What ya doing? Him: Fixing […]
3rd Reason I Love Being Married2aGeek - Reason #3 I absolutely LOVE being married2ageek – He shows me he loves me in unique ways. Here is another throwback from my Twitter account. This tweet is from about 2 years ago and it still makes me smile! (It may not be flowers, but I sure remember these little moments the most) A Geek’s Wife ‏@1Girl1Geek 16 […]
2nd Reason I Love Being Married2aGeek - Being with a software engineer comes with a lot of “perks.” When Chandler was born in October, Eric watched me carry around a pen and paper so I could write down when I breastfed Chandler and what side I fed him on. I remember countless times he would go and find me the paper that was shoved between cushions on […]
1st Reason I Love Being Married2aGeek - Is there a better way to kick start June’s theme than looking at old Tweets? I think not! Reason #1 I absolutely LOVE being Married2aGeek – At Least Half of My Twitter Feed is Devoted to the odd things that I have encountered because I chose to marry a Geek. It is quite entertaining (to […]
30 Reasons…. - Well I already have a personal journal I write in about life, I probably overgram  on Instagram (cmattison), I have a Facebook and a Twitter (@1Girl1Geek) account, and I have things I obsess over on Pinterest. So what in the heck am I doing with a website? I think I have finally decided. Every month I will explore […]
Superhero Vinyl - I must say my husband is pretty crafty. We bought a Silhouette Portrait last year and Eric has done a lot with it (possibly more than me). This week he helped our friend make some personalized vinyl for her son’s bedroom as a surprise. We also did this with Chandler’s nursery before he was born. […]


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