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18th Reason I LOVE Being Married2aGeek – Disneyland

When Eric and I went to Disneyland on 3/1/2014 and it was quite the trip. First of all, it was a last minute decision. A couple weeks prior we decided to just go, we wanted a vacation. It was before many schools would be on Spring Break, and they had a decent deal going on so it seemed like the right time. We had also talked about doing a fun vacation before we had children. So we both got time off for a great 5 days – Saturday through Wednesday. When we got in the car at our house to start the drive Eric turned on Disney music. He had made me a mix of Disney songs to listen to on the way. He really is thoughtful and appreciates my love for all things Disney.

Once we got to the hotel, the Disneyland Hotel, (yes we chose there!) we were getting settled and checking out all of the little details in the room. The hotel was very cute! Eric was using the restroom and when he came out I told him I needed to tell him something. I told him that someone else really wanted to come with us to Disneyland and didn’t want to wait until they were older. He then saw a red Mickey Mouse onsie and a positive pregnancy test. My favorite line… “So you have been using tampons for no reason? Or faking it?” HAHA I am good 🙂

*I was afraid that Eric would be upset that I waited until we got to Disneyland to tell him. I had found out I was pregnant the previous week on Wednesday I believe. On the drive to California I kept thinking he might be upset with me because we could have cancelled our trip since I knew about the pregnancy beforehand. By the way you have no idea how hard it is to keep a secret for a few days, and then sit in a car for hours and not spill the news!*

Click here to watch Pregnancy Reveal Video!

He was very happy. I was so happy to have let the secret out. It was a long couple of days with such a huge secret. The rest of our trip was fantastic. We has a lot of fun, the weather was nice for the most part, and I got to go to one of my favorite vacation spots with my growing family.

1st Pregnancy

And this my friends is the Reason #18 I absolutely LOVE being Married2aGeek – Chandler, Disneyland, and personalized playlists. ❤


13th Reason I LOVE Being Married2aGeek

Last Friday Eric and I went out. It was just the two of us and I was so happy to be out with my hubby. We put our son to sleep, left him in the care of my sister, and snuck out of the house. Movie Theatre Time!!! Going to the movies is our thing… Ok it used to be our thing pre baby.

Thanks to my husband we chose to watch Jurassic World. I absolutely loved it. Then Saturday and Sunday we spent time watching the first 3 Jurassic Park movies on tv. I had not seen those since I was a kid! I thoroughly enjoyed watching them all.

It was a good weekend. Hubby – Thanks for taking me to watch movies I would normally not go see in the theatre and then having me watch the entire collection in one weekend! That is the 13th Reason I absolutely LOVE being Married2aGeek.

Plus… Chris Pratt. Need I say more? 😉

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11th and 12th Reason I LOVE Being Married2aGeek

With my weekend over I need to catch up on my 30 reasons so let us get right to it!

Reason #11 that I absolutely LOVE being married2ageek –  Not only do I now recognize software/technical jargon but I actually understand it a bit and can follow a conversation about it. Heck, I even knew what E3 2015 was and that it is going on now! More on E3

Reason #12 that I absolutely LOVE being married2ageek – I looked good at work! (Cue Superhero Theme Music) Between my knowledge and my Geeks knowledge I was able to accomplish anything!

Before becoming a stay at home mom I was working fulltime and I remember my boss asking me if I knew how to compile a few lists to send out hundreds of emails about our new location. I knew there was an easy way to do this rather than copying and pasting each entry. After a quick text to my husband I had it sent out in less than an hour – before it was taking the company forever to accomplish this simple task. Time is money. $$

Later today I will post reasons #13 & #14. Duty Calls! My baby is awake ❤

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10th Reason I LOVE Being Married2aGeek

This is a throwback to a post I wrote a bit ago.

I must say my geeky husband is pretty crafty. We bought a Silhouette Portrait last year and Eric has created two ADORABLE personalized bedrooms. He has also helped me figure out the computer program for the Silhouette and this is reason #10 I LOVE being Married2aGeek. My Geek is always ready to teach me how to use any computer program and helps me catch on to using them more efficiently.

I must say this has helped me become much more technologically savvy than ever. 😉

Click Here to See the MARIO VS DONKEY KONG Vinyl
Click Here to See the SUPERHERO Vinyl

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9th Reason I LOVE Being Married2aGeek

At some point in every girl’s life she wants to be offered a sweater from her crush. She wants to wear her boyfriends away varsity football jersey at the home football game. Later in life,  she is married to you and she wants to wear your shirts to bed or when lounging around the house. This is the way it is. You can’t stop it, so embrace it.

Yeah this is Eric's. He got it at Build in Redmond a few years ago

Yeah this is Eric’s. He got it at Build in Redmond a few years ago

My geek has almost accepted this and it is reason #9 that I absolutely LOVE being married2ageek. I wear all of his geeky shirts. At first he thought he could stop this and he bought me a Microsoft jacket when in Redmond (it’s actually quite cute) and a geeky shirt from the m&m store in Vegas.

Jacket he got me while in Redmond. He was hoping it would prevent me from borrowing his sweaters and shirts.

Jacket he got me while in Redmond at Build. It almost stopped me from stealing his.

It has been a few years now and I think he finally understands. You can buy me geeky shirts if you want but I will still end up wearing yours to bed. It’s life, every wife does it occasionally. 🙂 ❤

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8th Reason I LOVE Being Married2aGeek

Ugh! I think it is great that I motivated you. I think it is great that you have written down your goal. I think it is great that you managed to make your website more appeasing to the eye and way cooler than mine in one evening…. NOT!

Ok ok the 8th Reason I absolutely LOVE being married2ageek is something that I am kind of fussing about right now – He creates better looking/functioning websites than me.

I love and hate this. Last night he logged into his website for a bit. He updated a few things, wrote a quick piece and BAM! There he goes one upping me. I will redeem myself (I am just jealous)!

Check it out here: The Geeks Blog – 78Bytes

“You’re awful, I love you” -Ludo

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7th Reason I LOVE Being Married2aGeek

So today is National Best Friend Day and obviously this is one of the many reasons I absolutely love being married2ageek. He is my geek, my best friend, and my husband. This post might not be about his geeky personality, hobbies, or interests but I think it is one of the my favorite things about my geek. Thanks for being my best friend!

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6th Reason I LOVE Being Married2aGeek

Gaming with Daddy! 🎮

Gaming with Daddy! 🎮

Sunday I spent 2+ hours playing monopoly on the xbox one with my husband. I lost. I really really hate to say that because I am actually rather competitive thanks to growing up with 4 siblings. To make matters worse I am ranked #3 (last) in our house right due to previous games between my sister and I and between my sister and my husband. It stinks! Hopefully I can redeem myself next weekend if not sooner.

Although I hate losing and I am kind of bummed – the 6th Reason I absolutely LOVE being married2ageek is because he figures out how to combine the activities I like to do with what he enjoys. He doesn’t care to sit at the table and play cards, monopoly, or trouble. But he knows I like to so we compromise and play them on the xbox. That way he gets all the fancy animations and knows I can not cheat (not that I ever would!) and I get to play the games I enjoy. It might take me a while to figure out how the controller works every time and I would rather play the actual board game but it is all about the compromise. Hey, he did introduce me to Peggle a while ago! That is a fun game!

In the end we still spend time with each other and have a good time. I might be biased but he is pretty awesome. #GeekLove right there. ❤

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5th Reason I LOVE Being Married2aGeek

“Build is an annual conference event held by Microsoft, aimed towards software and web developers using Windows, Windows Phone, Microsoft Azure and other Microsoft technologies.”

This leads me to the 5th Reason I Absolutely LOVE Being Married2aGeek – I got to go to San Francisco for the first time, visit Eric’s sister, walk across the golden gate bridge, and attend a bit of the conference to see what all the fuss was about. Although this was a couple of years ago, I loved the experience and the adventure.

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4th Reason I LOVE Being Married2aGeek

It is true. I am kind of funny. I am sure you are too. But the fact that I had the opportunity to be this witty is simply because I am married to a geeky software engineer. This conversation really did happen (I can not make this stuff up!):

Me: What ya doing?

Him: Fixing Bugs

Me: Fun. I squished one today. It was nasty.. Want to fix it?

Him: Lol

Me: Seriously, I killed one…

Reason #4 I absolutely LOVE being married2ageek – I LAUGH (at him/with him/because of him)!

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