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15th Reason I LOVE Being Married2aGeek

When my Geek went to Build this year all of the attendees received a HP Spectre x360. Once he got home from the conference he installed Windows 10 Preview on the new laptop.

Lately, I have been using the laptop and I have really come to like this laptop and Windows 10 (although it does have a few glitches). I give both a thumbs up!

This shows how non technical I am… But I really like the touch screen on the laptop and that I can use it in tablet mode. As for Windows 10, I actually really really LOVE the little photo editor capability that is apart of it. I know all you Windows 10 critics out there probably find this to be absolutely useless information. Oh well.

Me using the Windows 10 Preview. I am fancy. ❤

Since my opinion about the laptop and Windows 10 aren’t of any great value I will just get on with my point. I absolutely LOVE Being Married2aGeek because he continually introduces me to the newest and greatest. If it weren’t for him I wouldn’t have access to all of this AWESOME stuff. I sure am blessed.

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14th Reason I LOVE Being Married2aGeek

Christmas morning we were at his parents. I had one present from my geek under the tree and I waited patiently to open it. I actually didn’t spoil the fun by snooping so I had no idea what he got me. Once I finally got the gift I was so curious. I took off the wrapping paper and found a taped box with no indication as to what was inside. I quickly tore off the tape and found some interesting things inside…. There were rocks… there were cute little cut out snowflakes… there were pieces of random wrapping paper…. and there was a QR Code taped to the bottom of the box that I finally found.

I had to ask my geek how to scan the QR code with my phone since I had forgotten but I quickly got it done. Once scanned an app (that he downloaded on my without my knowledge) popped up and the game began. I had to click on each tile which led me to a clue. Once I typed in the correct answer the app let me know that I was correct and I moved on to the next clue. See if you can figure out the present. I won’t put the answer until the end.

After typing in the answer to all of the clues correctly (I figured it out quickly, how could I not? It is one store I LOVE!) a notification popped up in the app letting me know that I could claim my Christmas present.

I then claimed a gift card to White House Black Market that he purchased for me.

MOST UNIQUE, FUN GIFT! This is Reason #14 that I absolutely LOVE being Married2aGeek!!

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8th Reason I LOVE Being Married2aGeek

Ugh! I think it is great that I motivated you. I think it is great that you have written down your goal. I think it is great that you managed to make your website more appeasing to the eye and way cooler than mine in one evening…. NOT!

Ok ok the 8th Reason I absolutely LOVE being married2ageek is something that I am kind of fussing about right now – He creates better looking/functioning websites than me.

I love and hate this. Last night he logged into his website for a bit. He updated a few things, wrote a quick piece and BAM! There he goes one upping me. I will redeem myself (I am just jealous)!

Check it out here: The Geeks Blog – 78Bytes

“You’re awful, I love you” -Ludo

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