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17th Reason I LOVE Being Married2aGeek – Microsoft Band

Today my Geek came home from work and asked me to put away his lunchbox while he was playing with the baby. I went to the kitchen and was going to take out the Tupperware and I found a Microsoft Band waiting inside just for me! ❤

Lunchbox Surprise!

Lunchbox Surprise!

Let me tell you, the packaging for this product gets an “A+.” Simple yet sleek. My Geek said the Surfaces were packed in a similar way. Nice Job Microsoft! We had dinner plans, but I couldn’t wait to open it and set it up. It was pretty simple to figure out. The only thing I had a difficult time with was connecting the band to my phone via Bluetooth. My phone couldn’t “find” the band but after a few tries it worked itself out. I would also say the band could be a little more appealing to female wearers, it is pretty masculine/bulky. Anyways, the band connected with the phone app and I was in business. Woohoo!

The Band!

The Band!

Holy Moly, the box for this is fancy! ;)

Holy Moly, the box for this is fancy! 😉

I am excited to use the band and be a “tester” for my Geek. He said after I use it for a while he will decide if he would like one as well. I am glad he values my opinion so much. This is the 17th Reason I absolutely LOVE being Married2aGeek!

Bad Blurry Selfie, but

Bad Blurry Selfie, but “Thumb’s Up” for the Microsoft Band!

I look forward to using this band and being more healthy. I need to lose all the weight I gained while pregnant before my baby turns one (otherwise it isn’t baby weight… it is just weight)!! Here is to the next 4 months of hard work and to using the Microsoft Band as a motivational tool. Let’s do this!

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6th Reason I LOVE Being Married2aGeek

Gaming with Daddy! 🎮

Gaming with Daddy! 🎮

Sunday I spent 2+ hours playing monopoly on the xbox one with my husband. I lost. I really really hate to say that because I am actually rather competitive thanks to growing up with 4 siblings. To make matters worse I am ranked #3 (last) in our house right due to previous games between my sister and I and between my sister and my husband. It stinks! Hopefully I can redeem myself next weekend if not sooner.

Although I hate losing and I am kind of bummed – the 6th Reason I absolutely LOVE being married2ageek is because he figures out how to combine the activities I like to do with what he enjoys. He doesn’t care to sit at the table and play cards, monopoly, or trouble. But he knows I like to so we compromise and play them on the xbox. That way he gets all the fancy animations and knows I can not cheat (not that I ever would!) and I get to play the games I enjoy. It might take me a while to figure out how the controller works every time and I would rather play the actual board game but it is all about the compromise. Hey, he did introduce me to Peggle a while ago! That is a fun game!

In the end we still spend time with each other and have a good time. I might be biased but he is pretty awesome. #GeekLove right there. ❤

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