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Chandler – 8 Months Old

I love you through and through… I love your happy side, your sad side, your silly side, your mad side…

I love you through and through… yesterday, today, and tomorrow too.  (Bernadette Rossetti-Shustak)

Here is what Chandler was up to this month:

– Walking Daddy out to his car in the mornings and waving “bye-bye”

– Going to Top Golf for Father’s Day with Mommy, Daddy, Grandpa and Mimi

– Swimming

– Reading books with Mommy (we are also still doing the BofM365 at bedtime)

– Loving bath time

– Chasing the cat around the house

– Giving open mouth Kisses *Muah!

– Attempting to walk along the couch

– Spending a week a Grandpa and Grandma’s house with Mommy for Grandma’s birthday and the 4th of July

– Getting his 4th tooth while at Grandpa and Grandma’s. This made for a grumpy/feverish little boy for a couple days.

– Copying and Mimicking more and more daily

– Drinking out of a straw

– So much more!!

LOVE this Adorable Baby

LOVE this Adorable Baby

Daddy sure missed you when we were gone for a  week. You two were so happy to see each other. I love watching Daddy and you play and interact.

He would stand up all day if he could

Happy 8 months little one. Mommy loves you so much! xoxxo


Chandler – 7 Months Old



Seven months ago you were born. You came into this world loved by your parents and your Daddy and I continue to love you more and more each day.

Chandler you are a joy in my life. I love reading to you. I love laughing with you. I love watching you anticipate my actions. I love your crawl and determination to pull yourself up on everything. I love seeing you interact with your Daddy – you love him so much. Chandler, I love watching you discover all that this world has to offer you! You and your Daddy are my world. I can’t imagine my life without you!

Happy Seven Months, Beastie! (I watched Maleficent this week….) Mommy loves you!


Chandler Chandler