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Chandler – 8 Months Old

I love you through and through… I love your happy side, your sad side, your silly side, your mad side…

I love you through and through… yesterday, today, and tomorrow too.  (Bernadette Rossetti-Shustak)

Here is what Chandler was up to this month:

– Walking Daddy out to his car in the mornings and waving “bye-bye”

– Going to Top Golf for Father’s Day with Mommy, Daddy, Grandpa and Mimi

– Swimming

– Reading books with Mommy (we are also still doing the BofM365 at bedtime)

– Loving bath time

– Chasing the cat around the house

– Giving open mouth Kisses *Muah!

– Attempting to walk along the couch

– Spending a week a Grandpa and Grandma’s house with Mommy for Grandma’s birthday and the 4th of July

– Getting his 4th tooth while at Grandpa and Grandma’s. This made for a grumpy/feverish little boy for a couple days.

– Copying and Mimicking more and more daily

– Drinking out of a straw

– So much more!!

LOVE this Adorable Baby

LOVE this Adorable Baby

Daddy sure missed you when we were gone for a  week. You two were so happy to see each other. I love watching Daddy and you play and interact.

He would stand up all day if he could

Happy 8 months little one. Mommy loves you so much! xoxxo


Chandler – 7 Months Old



Seven months ago you were born. You came into this world loved by your parents and your Daddy and I continue to love you more and more each day.

Chandler you are a joy in my life. I love reading to you. I love laughing with you. I love watching you anticipate my actions. I love your crawl and determination to pull yourself up on everything. I love seeing you interact with your Daddy – you love him so much. Chandler, I love watching you discover all that this world has to offer you! You and your Daddy are my world. I can’t imagine my life without you!

Happy Seven Months, Beastie! (I watched Maleficent this week….) Mommy loves you!


Chandler Chandler

Chandler’s Bedroom

When I was pregnant with Chandler, I told Eric he could choose theme and I could choose the color of his room.

We learned a few things throughout the process. For example – when painting a colored strip paint over the pain tape with the lighter color before… Oh well it still turned out.

We also decided to buy a Silhouette Portrait and Eric created and cut out characters from an old game called Mario VS Donkey Kong.

I think Chandler’s room is adorable mostly because it is something Eric was excited to do for Chandler before he was born.

PS These pictures aren’t that great… but you get the idea.


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