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11th and 12th Reason I LOVE Being Married2aGeek

With my weekend over I need to catch up on my 30 reasons so let us get right to it!

Reason #11 that I absolutely LOVE being married2ageek –  Not only do I now recognize software/technical jargon but I actually understand it a bit and can follow a conversation about it. Heck, I even knew what E3 2015 was and that it is going on now! More on E3

Reason #12 that I absolutely LOVE being married2ageek – I looked good at work! (Cue Superhero Theme Music) Between my knowledge and my Geeks knowledge I was able to accomplish anything!

Before becoming a stay at home mom I was working fulltime and I remember my boss asking me if I knew how to compile a few lists to send out hundreds of emails about our new location. I knew there was an easy way to do this rather than copying and pasting each entry. After a quick text to my husband I had it sent out in less than an hour – before it was taking the company forever to accomplish this simple task. Time is money. $$

Later today I will post reasons #13 & #14. Duty Calls! My baby is awake ❤

Click Here For Reason #13