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15th Reason I LOVE Being Married2aGeek

When my Geek went to Build this year all of the attendees received a HP Spectre x360. Once he got home from the conference he installed Windows 10 Preview on the new laptop.

Lately, I have been using the laptop and I have really come to like this laptop and Windows 10 (although it does have a few glitches). I give both a thumbs up!

This shows how non technical I am… But I really like the touch screen on the laptop and that I can use it in tablet mode. As for Windows 10, I actually really really LOVE the little photo editor capability that is apart of it. I know all you Windows 10 critics out there probably find this to be absolutely useless information. Oh well.

Me using the Windows 10 Preview. I am fancy. ❤

Since my opinion about the laptop and Windows 10 aren’t of any great value I will just get on with my point. I absolutely LOVE Being Married2aGeek because he continually introduces me to the newest and greatest. If it weren’t for him I wouldn’t have access to all of this AWESOME stuff. I sure am blessed.

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